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Peter Sebastian   MA, TESOL

Tutor ESOL / EFL

English ESOL / EFL tutor in Liverpool

Why choose me as your English language tutor, when Liverpool has several excellent language schools for ESOL and EFL?

  • I offer functional English skills for your work / study / social
  • We can meet locally outside your work or study hours
  • You choose the sessions you want
  • No long courses, no large fees
  • Join with your friends, work colleagues or fellow students (from £6 each an hour)
ESOL and EFL exam preparation

學英語 学英语

EFL exam

Aprende inglés

English exam preparation in Liverpool

Aprender inglês

Liverpool ESOL exam

Apprendre l'anglais

English lessons in LIverpool

تعلم الإنجليزية

English tutor in Liverpool

Impara l'inglese

English UK Liverpool

Uczyć się angielskiego

Master of Arts - Peter Sebastian

Вчити англійську
Vchyty anhliysʹku

Walking tours in Liverpool

Matuto ng Ingles

English postgraduate certificate

અંગ્રેજી શીખો
Aṅgrējī śīkhō


Do you need to practice how to speak at work? How to speak with other staff, your manager and customers.
To visit a bar, coffee shop or cinema.
To say hello to new people.
To hold a group discussion and understand what people say.

from £6 an hour

Master of Arts UK


Are you and friends writing an essay, but struggling with correct English?
Do you need an email written for your landlord or boss?
Are you writing an application form?
Are you preparing to give a talk or hold a seminar in English?

from £6 an hour


Would you like a walking tour around Liverpool with a group of friends?
From poverty and war to a great City.
The story of slavery.
A journey with the Beatles.
The two Cathedrals of Hope Street.

small group £16 total an hour


3(+) friends together £6 each an hour

2 friends together £8 each an hour

One to One £16 an hour or with low income –

– first 4 hours @ £12 an hour

To love English can be the same love I have for my own language.

Peter Sebastian MA, TESOL

My background includes English and drama teaching,
Person Centred Counselling and Performing Arts.

I bring these experiences to my ESOL / EFL sessions.

When we meet (FIRST HOUR FREE) we can chat about what you are looking to achieve and how I might help.

We can talk about what is important for you.

We can have the conversations you need help with for work, study and meeting new friends.

We can ‘role play‘ scenes with friends and colleagues.

Through my recent London University Masters Degree with academic studies, we can work together with your fellow students on the English for essays or dissertations you are writing.

If you are struggling with a landlord or another difficult situation, we can write a letter or an important email or complete an application form.

We can walk around Liverpool city centre in English conversation at many interesting places.

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